Male Mental Health Inpatient Unit

There is increasing awareness in the general community of the pain and suffering of those with mental illness.

Furthermore, the increasing body of research and technology regarding treatment options for such conditions is at last beginning to lift the stigma of mental illness and offering hope to those who suffer from it. Even communities where cultural nuances have been particularly sensitive to stigma and secrecy regarding mental illness and its management, couldn’t ignore these developments and increased cognizance of treatment response. Those with long standing mental suffering should also receive parity of care with fair and equal treatment. They are no difference from those sick with physical illness. which is why we opened the Male Mental Health Inpatient.

Our vision states that our patients deserve the highest standards of medical care regardless of stigma, economic or ethnic considerations. The standard of infrastructure regarding comfort and space should stay the same when treating mental illness. This includes respect for space, religious orthodox observance (e.g. separate facilities for gender, regular prayer and study opportunities on the wards, Sabbath observance respected and protected, rabbinic consultation and input etc). A multidisciplinary team approach is exploited including medical and paramedical staff along with several treatment options relatively unique to mental health including music, exercise, animal, horticultural, art and movement therapies.

In addition, treatment in all three arms of the wing (outpatient, day hospital, inpatient) work together with the optimal levels of ethical practice – both general medicine and Jewish medical ethical standards. The inpatient units (male, female) offer treatment purely on a voluntary basis with no coercive management exerted at any stage (including the absolute prohibition of any physical restraint options or procedures and open room policy).

The Mission at Male Mental Health Inpatient Unit

Mayanei Hayeshua respects patients’ dignity and autonomy and maintains them within the context of an intense treatment milieu. This includes one-on-one, family and group therapy treatments. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of psychiatric care with optimal standards of professional conduct and clinical practice for individuals with mental disorders and their families. Evidence-based treatment will be the foundation of such management practice while integrating mental health care with general medical care on the grounds of a general hospital medical centre. We believe that our patients should receive the same medical standard offered to others with general medical illness.

Ward Director: Prof. Rael Strous

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